It all started in garage in the fall of 2011. I wanted to make Exploding Targets affordable. I worked full time and sunk every penny I made back into the company. 3 years later I left my job and went full time with USA Chemical Supply.  I didn't know much about business but I understood time, and the business needed all of it.

Fast forward to August 2019 I am healing from snapping my arm in half, and a damaged rotator cuff stemming from a car accident that should have taken my life. Prior to that a divorce cleaned me out and took a toll on my business.

So what are we going to do moving forward...well go look at the pricing, its up to half off the competition. We are going to be releasing all kinds of videos showing why you have been overpaying for exploding targets.

I have hired a few people to manage production, and we are working our way to having same day shipping. We can't do that with out your support.  Life happens, picking up the pieces and moving forward with the best deal in binary exploding targets that just got better.